Our Brands

Winning Plants

The Winning Plants brand is available in Woodie's DIY and other leading DIY stores in Ireland

Winning Plants/where it all began: The Winning Plants brand was developed in 2002.  Our garden centre customers were looking for a well packaged product with attractive and distinctive labels.  We bred new varieties of Hebes called after famous horses (Hebe Black Beauty & Hebe Red Rum) at that time and we felt it was apt to call this new brand 'Winning Plants' where the horse jumps over the winning post.  There have been modifications to the brand over the years as customers tastes have changed.  This brand appears on all colour labels in Woodie's and other DIY stores in Ireland.  It is a brand you can trust, a Bord Bia quality assured brand.

New Icons for Winning Plants: This year, we have added plant icons to the front of these labels to make the gardening experience more interesting. These new labels show the benefits of the plants for example the ‘Gardening is good for you’ icon shows how healthy its is to garden. The ‘Smell me’ icon encourages a feel good factor and the ‘Bee Friendly’ icon persuades more people to grow bee friendly plants.
The 'Perfect for Pots' icon highlights the most suitable plants for balconies and patio gardening as more people wish to plant their own patio containers.